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'Ramping Up to Revelation': Are the End Times Upon Us?


And with a solar eclipse, a random earthquake in the northeast, and continued consternation in the Middle East dominating headlines, it should come as no surprise end of days speculation is currently kicking back up in recent days and weeks.

Prophecy expert Jeff Kinley, author of "God's Grand Finale" and the forthcoming book, "The End of the World According to Jesus of Nazareth," weighed in on these dynamics, explaining what the Bible actually says and why it matters.

"Jesus and Matthew 24 list a ton of signs that will precursor [Christ's] Second Coming, and it basically mirrors the Book of Revelation — the first half of Revelation," Kinley said. "And in those signs you have … things like wars, you have rumors of wars, you have famines … earthquakes, and then Jesus said, 'All these things are merely the beginnings of birth pangs.'"

The author said he believes Christ is talking about the Tribulation period, a time during the end of days some Christians believe will be characterized by God's judgment. As far as what's happening in the world today, Kinley believes it's a "ramping up to Revelation."

Watch him explain:

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