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Germ and Terrain Disease Theories are Covers for Killer Institutions

• - Wayne Lusvardi

"Mosquitoes seek stagnant water but do not cause the pool to become stagnant" and polluted (Rudolph Virchow, physician, and proponent of terrain theory of disease).  Note: Anopheles mosquitoes breed only in clean, still, sunlit water not polluted with poop, rotting vegetation or garbage.

Both Germ and Terrain Theories falsely assume the cause of disease is externalities rather than internalization of self-portrayed benevolent, but coercive, malevolent institutions. 

Since the declaration of a pandemic disease emergency in 2020 there has been an ongoing dispute between academic virologists and influential naturopathic physicians whether respiratory disease attributed to the bugaboo COVID-19 is a germ or contamination of the human body. Using the analogy of a fishbowl, Germ Theory says sick fish need vaccination against germs while Terrain Theory says the fishbowl needs cleaned from pollution. Both models believe their positions and the issues where they differ are scientific, but both are more ideological as neither accurately comprehend the institutional realities of COVID-19, the toxic nature of all plant foods, and the complexities of the organs of the human body. Moreover, both are falsely based on the supposition that the cause of disease is something external – either a germ or contamination, not the socially contagious internalization of coercive institutions.