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Daily Mail map reveals where marijuana dispensaries are most plentiful...

• Daily Mail

Denver residents looking to indulge in the high holiday of 4/20 will be pleased to discover the city has earned the title of most weed-friendly in the US. 

The Mile High City took the top spot in an analysis of the pro-weed attitudes and policies in America's largest metro areas - thanks to its abundance of marijuana dispensaries and Colorado's relaxed drug laws. 

Cities earning spots two through five were Portland, Oregon; Las Vegas; Buffalo, New York; and Baltimore - all of which are in states that have fully legalized marijuana.

Americans in the south looking to smoke, however, will be disappointed to find many southern cities don't extend courtesies to their 4/20 celebrants. 

Louisville, Kentucky placed in the last spot for friendliest cities. Its home state only permits medicinal marijuana, restricting use to patients with 15 health conditions who have been recommended by doctors to consume the drug.