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UK Physiotherapist Leaders Announce Goal To "Eradicate" Critics Of Gender Ideology...

•, by Bryndis Blackadder

The Chartered Society of Physiotherapy (CSP), which is the "professional body" and trade union which represents member physiotherapists in the UK, has launched its first "definitive position statement on transphobia" with the publication of its "position statement on transphobia." The publication has sent a chill through the profession, as anonymous whistleblowers express concerns about censorship.

The "transphobia" statement describes the aim of "eradicating [transphobia] from our profession" by instructing members that they "must raise concerns about colleagues" if they think that the colleague's "personal values, biases and beliefs" have led them to "discriminate" against others, with discrimination including "denying" someone's "gender identity or refusing to accept it."

The publication was accompanied by an announcement by the CSP declaring that the "Transphobia statement is a milestone for the profession."

In unpublished internal memos provided to Reduxx by an anonymous member, the CSP vows to prevent its "channels being used to spread transphobia" and urges members to report colleagues and comments to the Corporate Comms Team. 

The published definitions were created following a consultation process announced by the "LGBTQIA+ voice and network of the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy, Definitions of Transphobia Working Group," with a "Statement of Intent" in January of 2023.

After a year of deliberations, the CSP announced on X that it had adopted its first "definitive position statement on transphobia."