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Rager Incoming! Frat Boys Save US Flag At College Protest...

•, by Kelen McBreen

Students attending the University of North Carolina were filmed and photographed earlier this week saving an American flag from leftist demonstrators who wanted to rip it down.

Now, America is showing the young men appreciation by raising nearly $500,000 to throw the boys the greatest damn party that campus has ever seen.

A GoFundMe page for the students who helped save Old Glory provided a hilarious write-up describing what took place during the protest and why the kids deserve to be rewarded with a good time.

"Commie losers across the country have invaded college campuses to make dumb demands of weak University Administrators. But amidst the chaos, the screaming, the anti-semitism, the hatred of faith and flag, stood a platoon of American heroes. Armored in Vineyard Vines and Patagonia, fueled by Zyn and White Claws, these triumphant Brohemians protected Old Glory from the unwashed Marxist horde — laughing at their shrieks and wails and shielding the Stars & Stripes from Soviet missiles. These boys… no, men, of the UNC Chapel Hill Pi Kappa Phi, gave the best to America and now they deserve the best. Help us raise funds to throw this frat the party they deserve, a party worth of the boat-shoed Broleteriat who did their country proud."

After an explosion in donations from across the country, the students responded, "We are overwhelmed by you glorious, Patriotic Americans who value good beer and great times. We are in contact with multiple leaders from fraternities whose members helped defend the flag, including Alpha Epsilon Pi and others, in addition to Pi Kappa Psi. Our gratitude goes to all of them and we will update supporters on what comes next."

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