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Common Laxatives Linked To Serious Behavioral Issues In Children, Warn Experts

•, by Sheramy Tsai

Alarmed by this regression, his parents sought medical advice. Doctors found that Bradley was suffering from constipation. The retained stool was exerting pressure on his bladder, inadvertently resulting in the nighttime incidents. His medical team prescribed daily doses of Miralax to alleviate the condition.

Over the next few years, shifts in Bradley's behavior alarmed his parents. At soccer practice, he began to lash out, his small legs delivering kicks to his peers in bursts of unprovoked aggression. School assignments, which previously captured his interest, were now met with outright defiance—papers crumpled and thrown on the classroom floor. His parents were concerned but chalked his behavior up to him just "being a boy."

During this time, his struggles with bowel movements continued. At the age of eight, Bradley began having seizures leading to a diagnosis of temporal lobe epilepsy. Bradley's distress escalated to saying he "wanted to die," attempting to leap from the family's deck and grabbing for kitchen knives. In response, his family turned to UW Madison Children's Hospital for psychiatric support.

"In third grade, the wheels really began falling off the bus," Bradley's father, Mike Koehler, shared with The Epoch Times. His parents, teachers, administrators, and behavioral interventionists came together to address Bradley's worsening behavior, which had deteriorated to the point that he required more support than a traditional classroom could offer.

The Laxative Connection

It was during a hospital visit in 2015 with Bradley, then aged 9, that a breakthrough came in an unexpected form. A family friend mentioned an article from the New York Times to Mr. Koehler, highlighting concerns over MiraLAX. This prompted Bradley's parents to consider the possibility that the laxative could be responsible for their son's significant shifts in behavior and health. "It was like a lightbulb went off," Mr. Koehler remarked. Their growing suspicions found resonance with numerous other families who reported similar issues following their children's use of the laxative.