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CHOOSE ADVENTURE: This Travel Guide Provides a Practical Education in Modern SHTF Survival

•, by Daisy Luther

The lessons I want to share today are those about travel to countries that may be less developed than ours, from my friend Greg Ellifritz's book, Choose Adventure: Safe Travel in Dangerous Places.

Greg is another person in this industry, who, like me, enjoys putting himself in new and unusual positions because of the sheer joy of it. He is a retired police officer who travels to third world countries on a regular basis just for the adventure. Greg has spent nearly two months of each year vacationing in all those places that people warn you never to go. He's been to more than 50 countries and territories and all seven continents. (I'm green with envy and striving to catch up!)

What's in this book for preppers and survivalists?

Greg has learned many lessons in his life of travel and he put them all together in his travel guide. But even if you aren't a world traveler, there are many things you can learn from this book that apply greatly to survival scenarios. And what's more, the advice Greg has given is the real deal. He's either put it into action or made the plan in a situation that came close to needing it.

For example, where else can you learn how to properly give a bribe to an official for safe passage? Or how to manage to survive, bowels intact, in places with unsafe water and entirely different food safety standards?

The book is filled with advice on the following, all of which would be potential concerns in a post-SHTF world:

What to bring to non-permissive environments

Navigating day-to-day life in unfamiliar circumstances

Personal hygiene in places with poor sanitation

Recognizing and treating health issues that result from poor sanitation and other 3rd world factors

Improvising weapons

Treating wounds with limited first aid gear

Surviving kidnapping attempts, bombings, natural disasters, riots, and terrorist attacks when far from home

Identifying potential criminals

Bribery and Corruption

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