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MICHIGAN FARM RAID shuts down "Strong Sistas" Nourish Cooperative

• Yanasa TV -

"JUNE 1, 2024: NOURISH CO-OP HAS A CEASE & DESIST ORDER FROM THE GOVERNMENT AND AT THIS TIME IS NOT ABLE TO SELL RAW CHEESE, RAW DAIRY, SOURDOUGH & RAW HONEY. We are working through the details and will keep everyone updated as we get more information."

Nourish Cooperative is a farm cooperative of several small regenerative farms located in Southwest Michigan that is currently under cease & desist by the Michigan Department of Agriculture and Rural Development (MDARD) for the possession and sale of raw dairy products. On Tuesday, May 28, 2024, Nourish Cooperative was raided by the government due to the sale of raw dairy. Over $90,000 worth of product was placed under seizure, meaning this product can not be sold, moved, or utilized whatsoever. Due to the "cease and desist", countless orders had to be refunded and canceled, and at this time, several products under seizure will be going to waste due to the government's hold on them. Several of Nourish Cooperative's partner farms rely solely on Nourish as a market for their dairy products. The wellbeing and livelihood of these small family farms are in jeopardy as Nourish is currently unable to source and sell these products.