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Moscow is talking. Is Washington listening?

•, By Richard Blakley

Years ago, my wife and I adopted a peaceful, tortoiseshell-colored stray cat that was very timid and stayed hidden – that is, until we were moving with the help of professional movers. Apparently, the movers found her last hiding place and, with her back against the wall, she came out and chased an over six-foot tall man down the steps and out the front door.

When Biden, Obama's point man in Ukraine, was in Ukraine with the CIA in 2014 helping to flip the government to a pro-western government, Russia felt its back was against the wall, having only two warm-water ports, with one being Crimea. The government of Crimea voted to join Russia and Russia annexed them.

The West did not recognize the government of Crimea, stating it was illegitimate. Russia did not recognize the newly flipped government of Ukraine, viewing it as illegitimate.

In January 2021 with Biden in office, Ukraine began asking for NATO membership.

What do you think would happen if Mexico suddenly wanted to join league with a country hostile to the United States? History shows in January 1917, the German foreign secretary sent a telegram to the German minister in Mexico, known as the "Zimmermann Telegram." It revealed a plan for Germany to form an alliance with Mexico, promising Mexico her lost territories of Texas, New Mexico, and Arizona. This threat at our doorstep was one of the factors leading the U.S. to declare war against Germany five weeks later.

Likewise, it is a fact that Russia views Ukrainian NATO membership as a threat to their country. With Ukraine asking for NATO membership, in 2021 Putin requested talks with Biden, but Biden refused if Ukraine's NATO membership was one of the topics. So, Putin communicated with Biden in the spring of 2021 by massing Russian troops near Ukraine's borders for "training exercises." By November 2021, satellite images showed around 100,000 Russian troops near Ukraine's border. On Dec. 17, 2021, Russia presented security demands, including NATO pull back troops and weapons from Eastern Europe and bar Ukraine from ever joining NATO. Dec. 30, 2021 Putin reached out and requested a call with Biden. During the call Putin asked for "legally binding guarantees" that "the 30-member NATO alliance" would "not expand further eastwards and that certain offensive weapons would not be deployed to Ukraine or other neighboring countries." It was stated, "Washington regards many of his [Putin's] demands, including restrictions on NATO expansion, as non-starters." So, in February 2022, Russia invaded Ukraine.