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Israel's Control Over America Grows Ever Stronger

• - Philip Giraldi

Back in September 2017 I wrote an article for the Unz Review site entitled "America's Jews Are Driving America's Wars" with the subtitle "Shouldn't they recuse themselves when dealing with the Middle East?" The article focused on the fact that most of the individuals and groups in the US that were agitating for war with Iran in particular were Jewish and most did not hide their loyalty to Israel, headed then as now by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. I argued that it was a mistake to have Jews managing America's relationships in the Middle East in particular as some of them certainly would experience a conflict of interest that would inevitably not be beneficial to the United States. And, one might add, that in spite of that tie that binds with a foreign government, no pro-Israel group has ever been compelled to register under the Foreign Agents Registration Act of 1938 which would provide some transparency on finances and concerning direct contacts with the Israeli government or its Embassy in Washington. The end result of all that is to make it extremely easy to use money, which the Zionist billionaires have in abundance, to corrupt the US government process on behalf of an apartheid state that is no ally in reality and does not have values that fit well with what was once American democracy.

If measured by comments received on it on the Unz site, the article on the ethnic advocacy promoting America's Wars turned out to be the most popular that I have ever written and it was picked up widely online and in various publications both in the US and abroad. Inevitably, however, it produced a backlash from Israel's many friends and within 24 hours there was added an update to the original online posting. It read "On the morning of September 21st Phil Giraldi was fired over the phone by The American Conservative, where he had been a regular contributor for fourteen years. He was told that 'America's Jews Are Driving America's Wars' was unacceptable.

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