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IPFS News Link • Voting: Vote Fraud

Trump Warns Democrats: "Election Fraudsters Will Be Sent To Prison For Long Periods Of Time&quo

•, by Kelen McBreen

"Republicans must pass the Save Act, or go home and cry yourself to sleep. Non citizen Illegal Migrants are getting the right to vote, being pushed by crooked Democrat Politicians who are not being stopped by an equally dishonest Justice Department," wrote Trump.

He continued, "Our whole voting system is under siege. Harmeet and David, go to court and get this stopped, NOW. The Dems can't win on their policies, the only way they can win is to CHEAT. They do it at every level of government, and they do it well. That's how they get an incapacitated moron like Joe Biden elected."

The 45th President added, "Get tough RNC (Michael W!), Speaker Johnson, and all State and Local Republican politicians. The Justice Department is CORRUPT and won't do a thing to help. They have no shame! All I can say is that if I'm elected President, we will pursue Election Fraudsters at levels never seen before, and they will be sent to prison for long periods of time. We already know who you are. DON'T DO IT! ZUCKERBUCKS, be careful!"

The Zuckerbucks comment was referring to a $420 million donation Facebook co-founder Mark Zuckerberg and his wife Priscilla Chan made to a pair of nonprofits that distributed the cash to Democrat politicians.

Trump telling election meddlers "we already know who you are" is freaking out left-wing media outlets and talking heads who consistently cover up the blatant U.S. voting shenanigans.

Of course, holding accountable corrupt individuals who participate in election interference is exactly what Trump supporters want.

The establishment is simply terrified of their crimes being exposed to the public who will ultimately call for justice when they're presented with the truth.

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