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RFK Jr. reveals hilarious reaction from Kennedy elites over Biden's debate performance…


Have these folks been living on Mars for the past 3 1/2 years? Joe Biden didn't just wake up on debate day and suddenly turn into a "dementia patient." He's been shuffling around, confused, and wandering since the 2020 primaries. Conservative media and folks on social media have been calling out Biden's decline for years, while mainstream media played him up as this brilliant, elder statesman with his hand firmly on the wheel, leading us to some kind of blissful horizon. It's been a total snow job. Most of us saw through it back in 2019, and the more we pointed it out, the more the regime-run media hid behind ridiculous excuses like "deep fakes" and childhood stutters.

So, hearing all these "horrified" reactions to the debate performance is pretty amusing, especially since Joe's been acting like this—or worse—for over four years. Take the Kennedy clan, for instance. RFK Jr., who's throwing his hat in the ring for president as an independent, mentioned that even the biggest "Biden supporters" in his family were shocked by his debate performance. They even called it "embarrassing."

Chief Nerd:

Robert F. Kennedy Jr Says the Debate Revealed What the Media Has Been Hiding

"What happened the other night at the debate was that a lot of Americans finally understood what the media has been hiding…which is the executive of our country is probably not running our country…The most adamant supporters of Biden in my family were using the word 'embarrassing'."