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The 18-Second Clip That Exposes Dems' True Agenda: See Why Musk Says It's "Messed Up

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The Biden administration's opposition to the SAVE Act, which would require proof of citizenship to vote, has raised serious concerns about election integrity. Elon Musk and key Republican figures are sounding the alarm, warning that this move could open the floodgates for non-citizens to influence our democratic process. We delve into the controversial Arizona ballot form that seems to encourage non-citizen voting, and expose Chuck Schumer's alarming statements about the Democrats' "ultimate goal" for illegal immigrants. With 81% of Americans supporting voter ID verification, why are Democrats fighting so hard against it? Speaker Mike Johnson and Representative Chip Roy join forces to defend American voters, pushing for the crucial SAVE Act. Meanwhile, Elon Musk doesn't mince words, accusing Democrats of wanting to "cheat" in elections. Don't miss our final thought on why this issue is critical for every American citizen. This report is a must-watch for anyone concerned about the future of our republic and the sanctity of our voting system.