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The Codex Scam. Or, How To Make Billions in the Name of “Food Safety.”

• The PPJ Gazette
Codex Alimentarius is a heinous concept Europe now faces and America and the rest of the world soon will after it was slipped into the recently-passed American “Food Safety” bill that (also) allowed the FDA to become the world’s food policeman. Codex gives the FDA the power to “harmonize” the U.S. food and dietary supplement industries with BigAgra’s and BigPharma’s global codex requirements, written by and for themselves and their corporate-concepted and -owned WTO/FAO “rules and regulations.” For a nation to trade under the WTO treaty (that virtually all nations signed without input from citizens), that nation will have to outlaw healthy, across-the-counter doses of natural vitamins, minerals, and supplements, and insure their food (staples such as rice, corn, soy beans, wheat) are all genetically modified as specified by WTO’s trade rules on behalf of BigAgra’s multi-national seed corporations

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Comment by Brock
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And, a Happy New Year to you and yours! 

Comment by Ned The Head
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No problem people, when you are persecuted you can always (not) rely on Arizona activists (not) to stand up for you (not) and especially, the banner freedom website (lame) and the editors and publishers to stand up for you (not) in your time of crisis.


Ok whatever. Oyate wants you all to know that John Stuart, activist and scholar is on trial for his life right in Phoenix Arizona and Oyate also wants you to know that editors of FP are not only ignoring this issue, they refuse to re-enable Oyate's account so a brother can speak on behalf of another brother.

Oyate also wishes editors and publishers to know that John Stuart has come up with the most effective plan to save American homeowners from fraudulent foreclosures and that John Stuart is a real man.

Oyate goes so far as to imply that the editors and publishers of Freedoms Phoenix are pussy faggots for not standing up for one of their own.

His name is John Chester Stuart and he was a friend and counselor to the late Aaron Russo. So anybody in Phoenix that claims they knew Aaron and helped with the message, this is not true. Aaron Russo relied upon John C. Stuart for input.

And now it's fashionable for everybody to say they knew Aaron back in the day. Well guess what? I was Aaron Russo's National Director Of Technology. AND THAT'S ENOUGH SHINY BADGE TO STUFF IN OUR FACE AND MAKE YOU CHOKE ON IT. And to this day you brag about being MC at R3VOLUTION March and it's me that put you up there. Whatever, you owe me nothing. It was me that put you up there next to Gary. Because I knew that Gary needed that annointment, that confirmation and not you, you grand-standing closet authoritarian. And I don't give a shit if you say it was Ray Powell who needs our help right now, which you aren't giving or anybody else you choose, I'm Oyate, I don't give a shit.

Thing is you pretend to be this or that and I know the truth. Remember that Ernie? We know the truth? Well the truth is you climbed up on some people's backs and now they need help and you ain't giving it to them.

What you owe, you motherfuckers, is some face to John Chester Stuart. Because he and we were fighting before you little pissants were trying to get radio time on XM looser sats. And back in the day, we used to take care of each other. EACH OTHER. And a bro was a bro.

And each and every one of you are leaving John C. Stuart out to dry.

Often when I counsel with Gary I say "what would Aaron do?" Often we both say ho man, maybe a lot more. Me and Gary have the love of the man who was a step better than us. You guys are showing us a step beneath us. And you are supposed to be the leaders and you, Enrie, invoke Aaron all the time. So it's time to step up, it's not too late.

--I am a coin holder, Eccilesiatical Order of Mobius Nemisis.