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Sharia banking? Just a constitutional minute!

• The PPJ Gazette
It is still “the economy, stupid” as voiced by Bill Clinton in a one-phrase presidential platform focal stab. James Carville, his illustrious campaign manager, helped Clinton win against George H. W. Bush in 1992 on three points that have continued to be the hub of the Democratic Party’s strategy including the Obama presidential bid: 1) Change vs. More of the Same, 2) The Economy, Stupid, and 3) Don’t Forget Health Care. Barack Obama has taken points one and three to the extreme, but it is still number two we grapple with. Yes, we Americans are supersensitive to our economic future. We wonder if there will ever be one again like the one based on an open, free market that brought this nation to its top world power status. We have fast become the sitting duck of world flaw-hunters. Islamic Sharia Law has even put its dirty fingers into our nice American apple pie, too. In 1974, the first bank developed and positioned upon Sharia Law, was founded in Saudi Arabia—ever the most adva