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Lindsey Graham calls for permanent US military presence in Afghanistan

The US military will never leave Afghanistan if Sen. Lindsey Graham has his way. The Republican senator from South Carolina expressed his hope Sunday that the country would invite the US to install permanent military bases. "I hope that we can find an enduring relationship with Afghanistan that will make sure that country never goes back into the hands of terrorists," Graham told NBC's David Gregory. "The idea of putting permanent military bases on the table in 2011, I think, would secure our national interests and tell the bad guys and the good guy we're not leaving, we are staying." "But that's important," observed Gregory. "You believe a permanent US military presence in Afghanistan is required to order to head off a potential failed state in the future?" "I think it would be enormously beneficial to the region as well as Afghanistan," Graham replied. "We've had airbases all over the world. A couple of air bases in Afghanistan would allow the Afghan security forces an edge against the Taliban in perpetuity.

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Hey, if Graham wants to foot the bill out of his own pocket then I have no problem with it.  If he wants me, and my children, and my grandchildren, etc., etc., to pay then he can shove the idea up fat ass.

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