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Niall Ferguson Video Lecture – “Empires On The Verge Of Chaos”

ForaTV, in conjunction with the Australian Broadcasting Corporation, shares another terrific must watch presentation, this time by one of our favorite socioeconomic historians, Niall Ferguson, who in this lecture talks in depth, and with an objective perspective that only few can share, about empires on the verge of decline, emphasizing the precarious position the US has found itself in, now that China’s ascendancy is undisputed, and only matched by the accelerating descent of the once great US nation

The introduction, which incidentally is the weakest part of the hour long presentation, is below, with an indexed link to each section provided below.

01.Introduction 09 min 09 sec
02.    Niall Ferguson Opening Remarks 01 min 40 sec
03.    Historical Cycles of Empire Decline 07 min 07 sec
04.    Complexity Theory 08 min 20 sec
05.    Implications for the United States 06 min 22 sec
06.    Interest Payments as a Share of US Revenue 01 min 56 sec
07.    Failure of Perception 02 min 43 sec
08.    Debt Payment Overtaking Defense Spending 06 min 58 sec
09.    Q1: Healthcare Reform 04 min 10 sec
10.    Q2: China’s Military Sustainability 02 min 38 sec
11.    Q3: Gold Investing 01 min 24 sec
12.    Q4: Political Stability of China 02 min 42 sec
13.    Q5: Children Teaching You About Debt / Radical Islam 03 min 57 sec
14.    Q6: Advice to Obama 02 min 40 sec
15.    Q7: Limits of Keynesian Stimulus 03 min 46 sec
16.    Q8: Better Leadership in the West 03 min 27 sec
17.    Q9: Fear of Hyperinflation 05 min 09 sec