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Shawn Perger on Crisis Cycle Investing, the Promise of Silver and the Internet's New Narrative


The Daily Bell is pleased to present an exclusive interview with Shawn Perger.

Introduction: Shawn Perger is the founding CEO of Foremost Research Group Inc. based in Vancouver, Canada. Mr. Perger, an author and speaker at investment conferences, has more than 20-years experience with Vancouver's vibrant venture capital marts, arguably the center of global venture capital finance. Shawn has taken it as a personal mission to introduce clients to practical, free- market solutions that can greatly enhance their ability to protect and grow wealth. He is a long-time reader and friend of the Daily Bell and recently wrote a book called Crisis Cycle Investing that espouses a Bell-like point of view when it comes to analyzing investment opportunities. The Bell sat down with him to discuss the state of the world today.