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Justices weigh execution; FDA exits drug dispute

• Arizona Republic

Among the factors that could weigh into the court's decision is an indication from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration that it will exercise "enforcement discretion" and allow the importation of sodium thiopental for prisoner executions. The drug, one of three used in Arizona and most other states that perform lethal injections, has been in short supply in the U.S.

An FDA spokeswoman told The Arizona Republic last week that the agency would "continue to defer to law enforcement on all matters involving lethal injection," suggesting that the agency will allow states to continue to import the drug from abroad.

That potentially removes an obstacle for states attempting to obtain the drug for pending executions.


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Please consider the difference in cost;  Lethal Injection, Bullit  or ROPE.  If you use Lethal Injection, think of the "Victims" being "Traumatized" and the Cost of Preperations.  "Bullit",   Not much Preperations.   Either of those Methods makes them a "Martyr".   "ROPE",  Easy, Fast,  a Tree and a Ladder for them to climb, Maybe.  Or just Yank them up with a Crane.  No Martyr Here,  No Heavenly Virgins,  That's why Saddam Hussein didn't want to be hung,  he wouldn't get to heaven and  have his Ten Virgins.   Just Play some Heavenly Music for them and maybe sing a song by Willie Nelson..........HA  HA  HA HA........ I just hope that the Taxpayers will get sick and tired of supporting all of these Prisoners at a cost of  Upwards, $ 40,000.00 per person plus the Medical that we, the Taxpayer isn't getting.   Hang Them All.........Give us Seniors a Raise on our Social Security...