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New edition of Huckleberry Finn replaces n-word with ‘slave’


The question of whether Mark Twain's classic Huckleberry Finn should be censored first came up a year after it was published, and the pressure on the often politically incorrect (then and now) book hasn't stopped in the 125 years since, earning it fourth place on a list of the US's most banned books.

Now a Twain scholar from Auburn University in Alabama believes he has found a way to teach Huck Finn without all the controversy about race and language: Alan Gribben is editing a new version of the classic novel that will remove all 219 instances of the "n-word," replacing it with the word "slave." The book will also replace the word "Injun."

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Comment by Psychictaxi
Entered on:

Oh, this is nothing!  Wait until ALL BOOKS IN THE LIBRARY are reprinted with all instances of use of the word 'gay' replaced with the word 'merry'... 

Comment by Leo Aeris
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@Jackie mc

as many white slaves as any other color? Im gonna need you to back your bullshit up with some citations.

Comment by Jackie Mc
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Hold on here, The N-word does not describe all Slaves! There are just as many white slaves as any other color. So to change the wording of a book, famous or other wise is just wrong. That was what black people were called at the time, right or wrong. And Injun was the authors spelling, so who are we to change that word. Please leave our writings original, do not shame our heritage.

Comment by TheRockster
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That's a killing offense.