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Manning-Wired Controversy Heats Up


Wired's refusal to release or comment on the Manning chat logs ... Wired posted a two-part response to my criticisms of its conduct in reporting on the arrest of PFC Bradley Manning and the key role played in that arrest by Adrian Lamo. I wrote about this topic twice -- first back in June and then again on Monday. The first part of Wired's response was from Editor-in-Chief Evan Hansen, and the second is from its Senior Editor Kevin Poulsen. Both predictably hurl all sorts of invective at me as a means of distracting attention from the central issue, the only issue that matters: their refusal to release or even comment on what is the central evidence in what is easily one of the most consequential political stories of this year, at least. – Glenn Greenwald at Salon

Dominant Social Theme: It's all right, Ma. Let's move along. Nothing to see here.

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