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Tea Party Republicans Epic 24 Hour Failure: Cutting The Deficit

Remember, the claim by the Republicans (including but not limited to The Tea Party) was that they would cut the budget by $100 billion? Which, I might remind you, would have been less than five percent of the deficit this year. Well, it turns out that was a lie too. Even some Tea Party types who are sticking to the original goal concede that it'll be hard to reach as long as the GOP exempts -- as it plans to -- funding for defense, homeland security, veterans and entitlements. So we simply exempt the more than half the budget, then say "well, we can't get there." By how much can't we get there? And over in the Senate, a top GOP aide told me that the real bottom line is a max of $30 billion for the rest of this fiscal year. What was the deficit again for the calendar year that just closed?

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