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Study: U.S. Torture Techniques Unethical, Ineffective

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Prolonged sleep deprivation, forced nudity and painful body positions are some of the "enhanced interrogation techniques" that the U.S. government approved after Sept. 11, 2001. Three doctors who advocate human rights argue that not only are these methods unethical, but the scientific basis used to validate them was flawed.

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After reading this, I hope those human rights doctors would also come out with a report that it is “unethical” for those “tortured” captured terrorists to shoot children dead, rape women, lap off women’s breast, fire a bullet on penis, loop testicles and pull the strings off the groin, forced their non-combatant hostages to feast on their feces, etc. U.S. EITs [enhanced interrogation techniques] used on hardened Islamic beasts who were captured and “tortured” to obtain information to save the lives of millions of Americans I am sure are “kid gloves” compared to what those two-legged animals did to their victims. Their defenders here in the U.S. led by Obama and his Muslim brethrens should be the last cackling ducts to accuse our soldiers of the “unethical” use of torture and should be ashamed of their stinking scholarly discourses that clandestinely support the cause of Islamic Jihad.



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