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Israeli troops kill wrong man in Hamas raid

• Reuters

Israeli soldiers killed a 65-year-old Palestinian in his bedroom Friday during a pre-dawn raid to seize a Hamas suspect who lived in the same building, in what the army admitted was a mistake.

The man was shot as troops swooped on houses in the occupied West Bank to re-arrest five members of the Islamist Hamas group who had been freed from Palestinian jails just the day before.

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Comment by Anonymous
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Wait a minute… Let’s straighten up the contorted story of this incident. Don’t shoot [or post anything] until you see the white of the eye of truth.  You missed the target … only fish and birds are dead when you pulled the trigger but there are no dead ducks in the hunt!!


      Israel and Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas supported by the U.S. find common enemy of Palestinian Hamas terrorists. But in this treacherous triangular confrontation, Abbas and Hamas although purportedly hostile against each other, are “brother” Palestinians targeting their centuries-old common enemy – Israel. Here a bear could be mistaken as a boar, which to tell you the truth this recurring cycle of violence bores me.


     The on-going Israeli-Palestinian peace process is as usual actually a continuing covert war between Israelis and anti-Israel Palestinians – Abbas and Hamas. Israel and Abbas are peace-negotiating  allies against Hamas militants who reject co-existence with the Jewish state and control of the Gaza Strip, but between Israel and Hamas, Abbas would side with Hamas at a drop of a hat.


     In this incident, Israeli forces had arrested five Hamas terrorists. But Israel’s supposedly ally Abbas demanded their release allegedly upon the request of the emir of Qatar to foster intra-Palestinian reconciliation” – a transparent cover that irked the Israeli occupying forces. On the day of the incident, the Israeli military operation or security mission was to arrest Wael Mahmoud Said Bitar who “had helped plan a 2008 suicide bomb attack in which an Israeli woman was killed …” The five released Hamas militants lived in the same building where Amr Qawasme was killed during the raid. Guess who filed a complaint against Israel in the United States and in the European Union for this “murder” … the Abbas Palestinian Authority who is supposedly the ally of Israel against Hamas militants Israeli had arrested.


     Nice try … are you kidding me?





Comment by Powell Gammill
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It is quite clear from the report that the troops are a hit squad sent out to murder the five men conveniently released from custody the day before.

They slipped into his apt. so as not to be detected and machine gunned the wrong guy asleep in his bed.

One wonders the fate of the five targets not followed upon in the story?