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AMD promises all day battery life with Fusion chips

• C Shanti
CES 2011 The battle with Intel is on
AMD promises all day battery life with Fusion chips -

Chip contender AMD is rolling out details of its AMD Fusion chip and forecasting that battery life will be transformed by the technology.

Fusion chips combine graphics processor and microprocessor on one die.

Bob Grim, director of AMD product marketing told TechEye: “What’s really different is that for the first time there is a product that brings both X86 and 3D graphics together on a die. “

The die size of its Zacate chip is 75 square mm, and it consumes 18 watts,  and is designed for mainstream notebooks, ultrathins, some desktops and mini-tower systems.

The nine watt Ontario Fusion chip is for netbooks, will give 10 hours plus hours of battery life. Have DirectX 11 GPU. It’s called in marketing speak,  AMD “AllDay Power”. Ten hours, is not, of course, 24 hours.

Semiconductor companies normally bring in CPUs at the high end and normally they fall in price over a period of time.  AMD is bringing Zacate and Ontario for the volume market for machines between $200 and $500. Ontario will be between $200-$300, Zacate $399-$499.  Perhaps this is because the Llano chip, manufactured by GlobalFoundries, was delayed somewhat.

Application developers can code their apps to OpenCL and optimise code to get the best out of the hardware, said Grim.

When the Llano (A-Series) comes out, it will deliver 500 GFLOPs. AMD claims that’s 33 times more than a single CPU had two years ago. The  Intel P6000 only provides 6h24m, while AMD’s  E-350 will give 10h40m of battery life.  Ontario, the C-Series, will give over 12 hours of battery life – that’s a resting battery life number. It has a 60 percent better performance than the Intel Atom CPU, AMD claims.

AMD will hold its first software developer summit on June 14-16, 2011 – in Bellevue WA, said Grim.

For the future, AMD says we will see 2011 Llano with two to four CPU cores. In 2012, its Trinity CPU will see 2-4 cores next gen Bulldozer, Krishna and Wichita AMD fusion APUs – with one to 4 enhanced Bobcat CPU cores.

Other stuff in the offing includes the Zambezi CPU – 4-8 bulldozer cores in 2011, in 2012 we will see the  Komodo with eight Bulldozer cores, Trinity 2-4 Bulldozer cores, while Krishna has 2 to 4 Bobcat cores, produced on 28 nano process technology.

AMD is showing off some of this stuff at the Consumer Electronics Show in Lost Wages, this week.

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