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Shaun Lee Dickerson – Friend Many in the Movement – Needs Our Help

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UPDATE: 5:45pm 01-08-11 Just spoke with Shaun on the phone: She is doing alright all things considered but is worried about her kids. She said the things people could do to help: 1) call hospital 573.882.8091 at and 2) call/send affidavits to vouch for her mental sanity to Lt. R Bemboom, Cole County Sheriffs Department, 301 E. High St., Jefferson City, MO 573.634.9160 OVERVIEW: If you haven’t already heard, friend and long-time activist Shaun Lee is in need of our help. She was pushed down the stairs by her husband and called 911 for help. Rather than assist the victim Shuan was just placed into a 96-hour hold at University of Missouri’s Physiactric Center. Why? Her father-in-law is former FBI and is said to be friendly with area law enforcement. For the latest updates and to get involved, join the Friends of Shaun Lee open group on Facebook (and/or contact Bill Stone, who’s on the ground: 605.610.9773 How to Help: Join Friends of Shaun Lee Call Univ. of MO Psych C