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Giffords shooting raises questions about security for lawmakers

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The shooting of Democratic Congressman Gabrielle Giffords outside a Safeway supermarket in Tucson, Arizona highlights a little-noticed aspect of life in today's Congress: despite record numbers of threats and a toxic political environment, most lawmakers are almost completely unprotected when they venture outside the secure bubble of Capitol Hill

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Comment by Anonymous
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Angry citizens are now translating into horrifying actions the Republican Hawks’  political reign of confrontational violence in solving the problems of the country. Criminalizing undocumented immigrants instead of legalizing them, so that as criminals, shooters like a bunch of outraged and armed citizens of Arizona can shoot them dead – just to give bent to their anger -- is yet for the terrified public to watch as part of the Hawks’ anti-immigration and depopulation agenda that would start to unravel in the next Republican Congress.


      In the meantime, Liberal loonies in the Media like Keith Olbermann, are catching the dirty saliva they spewed out up high in the air and now falling right smack on their sorry faces.


       For instance, I have documented Olbermann’s angry denunciation of former President George W. Bush when Bush was fighting terrorists to secure the safety of every Americans from the spate of violence … On record this odious revolutionary liberal extremist in MSNBC said in a lengthy editorial that there are no terrorists in this country except Bush … that Bush’s campaign against violence was merely a cover-up for Bush’s terrorist activities. Now, watch Olbermann’s latest video news … your jaw drops to see how angry he is against this 22-year-old Arizonian shooter whose shooting spree sent Congressperson Gabrielle to the hospital in a serious condition, a 9-year old to her grave, and several others who are critically wounded, and at this writing still uncertain of their fate for survival. The seriously wounded politician herself was a gun control barker of unparalleled ferocity who had spewed a lot of saliva in the air, and like Olbermann, is now catching it right on her face.



Comment by tittiger
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Would they be  a lot safer perhaps if they followed the law? (Constitution) Lets get real  I think JFK was thinking of modern politicians  when he said:
"Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable."

Have they not close down most peaceful means for change?

Comment by Powell Gammill
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