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We're Next: India Leads The Way in Biometric ID Enslavement

The Unique Identification Authority of India (UIAI) issued its first “Aadhaar number” to a citizen in Maharashtra State in the village of Tembli on Sept. 29. This is the first citizen enrollment of biometric and biographical information in an ambitious program that could include as many as 1.2 billion people. The program will provide a unique ID number to all Indian citizens to enable efficient delivery of government services and reduce identity fraud. The Unique ID (UID) will be associated with each citizen’s enrolled fingerprints, iris images and facial photographs to enable positive confirmation of identity when seeking public services or applying for license privileges. The Unique ID (UID) will enable the government of India and local jurisdictions to efficiently extend public services to all of India’s citizens - even its poorest people in both urban and rural areas. Potential applications include linking the UID record to a person’s voter ID, passport, ration card, licenses, fishing permits and border area ID cards that already exist in India as well as be used to establish new smart card-based privilege identity credentials for use in delivering other public services or for commercial and financial transactions. The UID is the largest biometric project ever implemented and will serve as a model for future large scale implementations of biometric technology for years to come.