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Meet Your Future: Pocket Sized Iris Scanners

At just 5.5 inches wide, 4 inches tall, and three inches deep, iris scanners can now fit in our coat pockets. Formerly known as Global Rainmakers, Hoyos has now created an iris scanner many compare to something out of a sci-fi movie. At the price of just $1,499, the EyeSwipe Nano is likely to be snatched up by U.S. government and security personnel world-wide. Last year, the city of León in Mexico was attempting to become “the most secure city in the world” by implementing Hoyos’ Nano predecessor, the EyeSwipe Mini. What makes this little biometric tool so amazing (and slightly frightening) is the fact that this hand-held device can capture irides in motion, at a distance, and at a speed of 20 people per minute. Carter told a magazine that everything was going well in León, saying, “They have all the products. They’ve just about wrapped up Phase I, and are giving us another order for Phase II to add scanners to more buildings and government offices.” Jeff Carter, Hoyos’ CDO says the tiny iris scanners are “going to put the ability to do a biometric scan in the hands of virtually everyone in the world for a price that is comparable and competitive to card readers. The Nano has roughly the footprint of a dollar bill, and I think it’s going to allow us to target virtually everything – any applications where you’d have a typical card reader, whether entry to office buildings or banks or apartments.”

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