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Smart Grid and EVs Add to Surveillance Society – but We Don't Have To


Here at the Bell, we're not high on electrical cars. And the world's auto execs agree. In the website, "The Truth About Cars" we find the following lugubrious statement, "The majority of car makers the world over think that for the next five years, electric cars will remain too expensive to stand a chance in the mass market. Their saving grace must be government subsidies. Without government money, EVs are priced out of the market."

In this article I want to discuss the surveillance society that the Bell regularly tracks via power-elite dominant social themes. On the surface, the elite's expanding surveillance society is implacable and unresistable. But this may not be so.

Let us, then, return to the electric car market – which is evidently and obviously a manufactured one – to begin our brief examination. Is everbody going to have to drive an impractical, range-limited electric car in the near future? That may be the plan  but we highly doubt it. Without government backing apparently the entire industy wouldn't stand a chance – and to us that spells a good deal of trouble for this emerging industry's staying power.

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