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Researchers predict robots will replace most human workers by 2035

• Terrence Aym
Move over buddy, Mr. Robby Bot is here to replace you. Nightmare at the Acme factory? Well, not quite yet. But sooner than some would suspect, they may be joining the unemployment lines—kicked to the curb by that nice, quiet bucket-of-bolts down the street. Actually, for some of those born from 2000 onwards, the future may not be such a happy place. According to chief technologist Dave Evans of Cisco Systems, less than a quarter century from now all workers will be replaced by robots. Not some workers, or most workers…all workers.

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Comment by Olde Reb
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what we are talking about is an increase in productivity.

Somebody is going to be required to design, build, install, and repair the machine. 

We are able to afford automobiles because the assembly line (thanks to Henry) reduced the time required to manufacture each one.