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Submit Or Else: The Police State Now Wants To Blind You

Tasers are so yesterday. The latest government gizmo is the "Dazer Lazer". Writes a friend embedded within the government: We get all sorts of government trade journals delivered here. I found this while leafing through the latest issue of GSN: Government Security News ( The "Dazer Laser" is an "ocular distraction device" that emits a non-damaging [Oh yeah-RW] laser pattern that temporarily blinds a person. Some of them will work up to 1.5 miles! The videos show quite clearly how they do their dirty work... I can imagine it won't be long before SWAT teams are mounting these to their RV's for crowd and riot control. The video below advises: In the event of crowd control...simply use the Dazer Lazer like a paint brush and daze the crowd across their faces.