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The Debt Ceiling : 71 Days

• The PPJ Gazette
At the end of the month or year, many of us must look at our individual budgets and sigh. Again due to rising food, fuel, tax increases, or just the general cost of surviving we must “create” more money. We comb through the tangible assets we have and determine which are essential for our continued effort to stay afloat as it were. Maybe Grandma’s silver Tea Pot goes up on EBay, those books one would never part with go on Amazon, and Craigslist becomes our second job. We cut expenses. Instead of driving through the inevitable “easy” meal of fast food – we learn that Mac N Cheese from a box isn’t so difficult. Department Stores become a thing of the past as we comb through second-hand shops to find a “retro” outfit or learn to hem and modify what we have. Maybe we consider putting in a Garden instead of stopping by the produce department for our thrice weekly sales. Eventually we either make it or we don’t – much as the “Greatest Generation” did 6 decades ago. Unless o