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Stave off Globalism: Reinvigorate Constitutional Principles

• The PPJ Gazette
America was founded on certain principles: those of individual liberty and responsibility, a small federal government, and sovereign states that would protect their citizens’ unalienable rights. Over time many Americans got so involved in living their seemingly free lives they neglected oversight of what was happening to their country. Those who loved American ideals lived them and those who did not were busy working both from within and without the government to eradicate these principles from the American consciousness. This dumbing down of America was planned and it took place over many decades as Charlotte Iserbyt explains in her Deliberate Dumbing Down of America expose. Controlled media and public education infused the populace with attitudes, values and beliefs that enabled the power thrust of globalists to grow. Thus the greatest political experiment in the history of the world has morphed into what we now call “globalism”. Globalism is championed by the leaders of bo

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Comment by PureTrust
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Actually, it's the People who have morphed into non-liberty stupidity.

Look at what held the Constitution at bay. Wasn't it the Bill of Rights?

Big government wanted BIG GOVERNMENT, even at the time of the creating of the Constitution. The People via the States would not ratify until the Bill of Rights was added.

Now days, the people have often forgotten to make sure Big Government obeys the Bill of Rights in everyday life. Even the people in Big Government who would like to see the BoR remain strong, often do little or nothing to keep it that way.

The people you elect into Congress are the ones who are turning against you by hiding the BoR. You better wake up to what is going on, personally turn your life into a BoR commitment, and elect some trustworthy people to Big Government before it's too late.