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Lignin Discovery Plumps Biomass

• arclein
iofuel derived from crops such as switchgrass certainly holds promise, although some critics maintain that such crops use up too much agricultural land – land that could otherwise be used for growing food crops. A genetic discovery announced this Tuesday, however, reportedly allows individual plants to produce more biomass. This means that biof

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Comment by PureTrust
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The problems with making bio-fuel have been overcome, I'm sure. Even Hitler made it. Can't we be as good as Hitler?

The real problems will be:
1. Allowing people to make it on a small scale, from their lawn mower clippings.
2. Keeping big Government from taxing it to death.
3. Keeping Big Oil  from trying to take over the rights to all fuel.

The biggest problem is that we are all to busy to do it for ourselves. Let someone else do it and sell it to us, hopefully, real cheap.