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Today on - Thursday January 13th 2010

Thursday, January 13, 2011
The American Monkey Can't Let Go
Fred Reed on how and why the empire is going down.
The Nation State Is Doomed
In 25 years, thanks to the technium, says Gary North.
The Cult of Sanctified Violence
Will Grigg on who runs it.
Hyperinflation Armageddon
Gold is the best asset to help you ride out the storm, says John Williams.
The Banality of Killing
Whose actions might have triggered something in a deranged mind? Article by Jacob G. Hornberger.
10 Things That Would Be Different
If the Fed had never been created.
As Wealth Shifts From West to East
Asians stock-up on Euro-debt, and our Great Correction rolls on, says Bill Bonner.
No Crystal Ball Required
5 predictions about turbulence in the economy and markets in 2011.
Floods, Volcanoes, Deadly Cold, Electricity Shortages
Time to worry? Article by Alan Caruba.