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Evidence Arizona shooter driven mad by Mexican hallucinogen Salvia

• Terrence Aym
Besides smoking pot, shooter Jared Loughner smoked Salvia--a drug that some say is more powerful than LSD. That fact is significant, possibly crucial, in understanding how a young man became increasing unstable and transformed from a deep emotional depression into a raving maniac that decided it was the right thing to stalk and murder a sitting United States Congresswoman and then purposefully shoot 19 bystanders, killing six of them—including a federal judge and sweet little 9-year old girl.

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Comment by TheRockster
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Yeah, right. Blame it on the dope. Salvia has been used for thousands of years and now it has been consumed by thousands of people. How come only one person among these is a mass-murdering poop for brains? The story merely proves that commentators who do not smoke anything can be deranged and stupid.