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Having the Courage to Look Overseas


Vina del Mar is a posh beach community that’s a bit like Punta del Este, Monaco, or the Hamptons… it’s where the wealthy and beautiful Chileans go to be seen during the summer holiday period. Even on a cloudy day, you’ll still see hundreds of thong-clad beach goers pretending to not notice the lack of sunshine.

I generally shun hotels when possible– I prefer to stay in serviced apartments, small boutiques, or B&Bs… and the bed & breakfast that I found was a beautiful, quaint mansion perched at the top of a hill overlooking the city and the bay.

Standing there admiring the view last Friday, a voice called out to me– “Why don’t you let me help you with your reservation.”  It sounded like Iowa, or one of those non-accent areas of the US… a bit out of place here in coastal Chile.