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Congress quietly prepares to renew Patriot Act


Rep. Mike Rogers (R-MI) has introduced a little-noticed bill that intends to once again renew controversial provisions of the Bush administration's USA Patriot Act that are due to expire this year.

When the act was first signed into law, Congress put in some "sunset" provisions to quiet the concerns of civil libertarians, but they were ignored by successive extensions. Unfortunately, those concerns proved to be well founded, and a 2008 Justice Department report confirmed that the FBI regularly abused their ability to obtain personal records of Americans without a warrant.

The only real sign of strong opposition to the act was in 2005, when a Democratic threat to filibuster its first renewal was overcome by Senate Republicans.

Since the bill introduced by Rogers on Jan. 5 was virtually identical to the extension passed last year, its passage was seen as likely.


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Comment by Jefferson Paine
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What a warm feeling to see my very first homeland security parody graphic here! My cautionary graphics regarding the rapid loss of liberty began appearing here and there in 1997, if I'm not mistaken (the arm of Lady Liberty crossed by barbed wire, often used here, was one of the first. Wanna see more?

Backtrack to prior directories and you'll find other delicious stuff.

For government snoops who might be monitoring Freedom's Phoenix, let me remind you that POLITICAL speech and FREEDOM was the ONLY reason the First Amendment (including freedom for and from religion) was even introduced. 

Isn't there something in the oath every soldier, congressman, senator, president ... and, I would hope, other federal officials, that pledges allegiance to the Constitution (not the government> that the Constitution was created to limit)?

Comment by Anonymous
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