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Woolly mammoth may walk the Earth again in four years

• Terrence Aym
Researchers have been working for more than a decade towards bringing the long extinct woolly mammoth back to life. The Japanese have been at the forefront in the project to return woolly mammoths to the land of the living. It's been a dream bordering on an obsession for some of the research teams focused on the goal to resurrect extinct life. Now a critical breakthrough in cloning techniques has been achieved and Professor Akira Iritani--an original member of the mammoth resurrection project back in the 1990s--intends to move ahead with the new biotechnology and bring the mammoth back from oblivion.

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Comment by Temper Bay
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I'm demented enough to dream a fantasy of what might happen if a bunch of these guys foraged on loco-weed.  But good God, real ivory grips again for a 1911.  Patton would smile.