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Big Brother Squared: Multi-biometrics combined in one system

Software that integrates fingerprint, iris, facial and palm-print biometrics into a single system has been launched by Lithuania's Neurotechnology. In MegaMatcher 4.0, Neurotechnology has incorporated palm-print technology along with the latest versions of its VeriFinger, VeriEye and VeriLook biometric software development kits, all of which are built on a common architecture and feature a common programming interface. The company said the tight integration enables developers and integrators to more quickly and easily develop systems that use any of the different biometric components singularly or in combination for increased flexibility and reliability. "In the last few years, we have been approached by customers requesting that we unify our API for different platforms as well as different biometric modalities," said Pavel Cuchriajev, software development team lead for Neurotechnology. "Now our customers will have a consistent programming model across all biometric modalities, starting with image capture from a biometric device and ending with examination of matching results across all platforms and programming languages." Neurotechnology said it first released MegaMatcher as an automated fingerprint identification system in 2005 then added a facial recognition engine in version 2.0, with a fusion algorithm that allowed the technologies to work together to provide fast matching with even higher reliability than AFIS or facial recognition alone.