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America's Dunkirk: Foreigners Evacuate Money From US Mainland

As we get Treasury International Capital data for one more (delayed) month, we realize just why QE will be a part of our financial landscape for a long time. In November, the formerly largest US credit (before it was overtaken by the Fed), lowered its Treasury holdings by $11.2 billion from $906.8 billion to $895.6 billion. And while overall there was strength in purchases of domestic securities by international entities, both private and official, which came at $93.9 billion in the month, split $61.8 billion in UST, $14.2 billion in agencies, $4.7 billion in corporate bonds and $13.3 billion in equities, the inflow into equities from foreign sources is far less than US sourced equity purchases of foreign stocks. But once again the biggest threat continues to be the rotation by China out of US Treasurys and into other securities... unless of course the UK continues to do China's bidding. UK holdings of US debt surged by a ridiculous $34.2 billion as direct bidders consolidated their holdings. Somehow the UK now holds $511.8 billion in US debt compared to $477.6 billion in October. What is troubling is that at this rate China will drop below Japan in total US holdings, a differential which has dropped to just $18.4 billion.