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Gerald Celente looks to 2011 free energy breakthroughs as the beginning of a new revolution

by Sterling D. Allan
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World-revered trends research expert says: "We're going to see ... an energy revolution. ...We're going to be releasing more information in Trends Journal about breakthroughs in new energy that could shift the whole game. It may be as big as the discovery of fire or the invention of the wheel".  They will cite PESWiki as a recommended resource.

Last April, we ran a story about an interview that Alex Jones of Infowars did with Gerald Celente of the highly respected Trends Research Journal. Most of the trends Celente points to are dire, painting a dismal picture of the future, but not all. Despite the very grim outlook, Celente has a charismatic, upbeat demeanor about him. He's enjoyable to listen to, having charm like Ron Paul to take the bitter edge of some very bad news, while offering valid solutions based on enduring principles.

When answering Alex Jones' question to the effect: "is there a solution?", Celente responded:

"We need a productive capacity; and the best way that we see it is with alternative energy -- not wind, solar, geothermal, biofuel, but something much bigger."

That statement really got my attention, spurring me to write a story about the interview, to highlight this optimism. The free energy community has a lot more than just a small solution to a bunch of major problems. It could mark a major turning point in human destiny. It can bring profound hope, which itself has tremendous value in bolstering the human spirit.

Knowing that our network of fringe researchers and supporters had a lot of information that would be of great interest to Celente along these lines, I wanted to make sure they knew about our resource, so I sent them an email in October.

Celente responded with a very kind thank you, saying he would pass it on to someone on his team who would later get back with me.

Then last month, I was contacted on behalf of Celente by reporter Ben Daviss who interviewed me at length about what I considered to be among the most promising developments in the free energy sector. I sprinkled the interview, "off the record", with several developments that we do not yet have permission to publish, but which I thought would be helpful in alerting them to some amazing technologies about to break forth.

Daviss emailed me yesterday about one of these, asking if he could contact the company and perhaps get permission to at least give some kind of a hint. It has to do with the ability to grow high quality food indoors in a super efficient manner, localizing the production of food and preventing pollution from GMO seeds and dangerous pesticides.

I have been given permission to mention that they will be addressing specific research and companies in the field of overunity electromagnetic technologies, magnet motors, and Brown's gas / hydroxy / water fuel. And they will be pointing to and Infinite Energy magazine as recommended sources of information about these types of technologies and developments.

That report is due out any day.

Meanwhile, Trends Research has been giving teasers about the upcoming report, including mentions of the promise of major breakthroughs in clean energy. We linked to one of these in our news on December 30, 2010

Best Exotic FE / Zeitgeist > Trends >
Trends Research predictions for 2011 -- Teaser (pdf) - In the midst of some dire predictions, the much-revered Gerald Celente's upcoming journal teaser says: "In laboratories and workshops unnoticed by mainstream analysts, scientific visionaries and entrepreneurs are forging a new physics incorporating principles once thought impossible, working to create devices that liberate more energy than they consume...." (Trends Research; December 2010)

Here is a video with a couple of interviews Celente did with Fox News on New Years Day. He first gave his usual smattering of bad news, with a smile, including: seeds of revolution as people get fed up with the status quo leadership, acknowledgement that we've arrived at the "greatest depression", crime waves, crackdown on liberty, youth rebellion at no job prospects, and cyberwar opportunities. He then comes to the good news, at around 6:05, pointing to the coming free energy breakthrough revolution.

In another interview Celente did, this one on Russia Today, also on January 1, the hostess briefly mentions alternative energy as trend 6 beginning at timestamp 6:36.

Here is an excerpt of his statement on Fox News:

"On a very positive note, go back to 1990. What got us out of the recession? A productive capacity: the Internet Revolution. Products were invented, designed, manufactured, serviced… 

"What we're going to see now is an energy revolution. There are scientific visionaries and entrepreneurs that we see; and we're going to be releasing more information in two weeks in Trends Journal about breakthroughs in new energy that could shift the whole game. It may be as big as the discovery of fire or the invention of the wheel."

I'm curious if he intuitively came up with that prediction or if a statement I have on our quotations page provided inspiration:

"Free energy will promulgate a forward leap in human progress akin to the discovery of fire. It will bring the dawn of an entirely new civilization -- one based on freedom and abundance." -- Sterling D. Allan (Feb. 2003)

And where is Celente going to be pointing people to find out more about these exciting developments? Right here, to our news and directory service at

I find it sobering and thrilling to see our network arrive at such a monumental position. 

Gerald Celente, who has been doing trends research publishing since 1980, and who is a regular guest on both mainstream and new media outlets ranging from CNN to Coast to Coast AM, is hinging the primary point of hope for his 2011 Trends reputation on the items we are covering, pointing to us as the best go-to source.

While this is gratifying for all the hard work I've put in since 2002 when I stepped into the spot of becoming the anchor journalist for the exotic free energy sector; I certainly recognize that I am but a small part of a very large movement of amazing people from all over the world who are pioneering these new energy solutions.

If you are one who has a not-yet-reported technology that is nearing commercial roll-out, now would be a good time to step forward and let us know about what you have. We're going to be receiving a great deal of attention in the next few days when the Trends Journal publishes their forecast report for 2011.

Also, in preparation for this attention, I've prepared a new feature on the home page at -- a Top 5 Exotic Free Energy Technologies listing, drawing from the best that I've been compiling for the last year at 

Knowing my inadequacy to be able to see and weigh all the relevant information on my own, realizing the need for input from my friends in the free energy community, today I've launched a new private discussion group whose purpose will be to maintain this Top 5 Exotic Free Energy Technologies listing, recommending and helping with the maintenance of such things as:

• Technologies to be listed
• Sequence or ranking
• Wording of the listings
• Methods for assisting these technologies
• Marketing ideas for the service
• Legal matters of relevance

If you want to join this forum, just tell us a little about yourself, if we don't already know you.

This discussion group will be similar to, and perhaps eventually absorbed into the New Energy Congress that I founded in November 2005 to review and facilitate the top 100 clean energy technologies based on ten criteria, including: environmental impact, sustainability, cost benefits, reliability, scalability, safety, and availability. The NEC kind of fizzled after the Mylow magnet motor fiasco in 2009. This new emphasis on "exotics" will be the new chapter of its growth.

Finally, in the context of the above article about Gerald Celente's featuring free energy breakthroughs as providing the start of a new revolution that could help salvage and transform a disintegrating world society, I would like to refer back to the article I wrote last November: Career opportunities abound in exotic free energy - Though the world economy is tanking in general, cutting-edge free energy technologies have a rising destiny as illustrated by several emerging modalities. The industry is ripe with opportunity for entrepreneurs who have what it takes to see the opportunities and run with them.

2011 is going to be a huge year in the world of exotic free energy. Our years of sacrifice are going to begin to be rewarded, both with the satisfaction of seeing some of these technologies birthed into the marketplace, as well as benefitting financially by assisting in this revolution. I see us using those revenues to help further the many great causes of enlightenment that so many of us are involved with, ranging from alternative health remedies to higher consciousness and sustainable principles of governance that protect freedom and foster the realization of individual and group talent.  But that might start in 2013.  Our first priority will be to help fellow free energy researchers who have been struggling to get the funding they need to go their next step.

No, 2011 is not going to be a bed of roses for any of us. It is going to be one of the most challenging years ever, given the huge dynamics at play that seek the destruction of civilization, freedom and goodness. But while 2011 will see tyranny rise its ugly head like never before, as predicted by Celente and many others, it will also see the beginning of the collapse of this world tyranny as enlightened people just say no, and begin to build something better instead. And at the heart of that transformation will be the physical and emotional empowerment of people through distributed free energy technologies.

At least that is my hope.

p.s. Lockstep Statistics

Note added on Jan. 8, 2010; 11:20 pm MST.

Out of curiosity, I compared the traffic stats to compared to the traffic to using Quantcast.  There is a near lockstep relationship between the trends of the two sites:

I checked with a few other sites, and there was nowhere near this degree of correspondence, both in volume and trend.  I'm curious why that might be.  Any thoughts?  Feel free to chime in below in the comments.

It's an interesting omen for two people involved with trends -- a trends researcher and a trend-forger.  It is kind of like his quote on Fox TV on Jan. 1 about " energy that could shift the whole game. It may be as big as the discovery of fire..." corresponding my my quote: "Free energy will promulgate a forward leap in human progress akin to the discovery of fire", posted in 2003. picked it up in their first crawl on Oct. 14, 2004.