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In Warmup Match, Jeopardy All-Stars Defeated By IBM's Supercomputer Watson


Today at IBM's headquarters in Yorktown, New York, an historic battle was staged. Two superstar Jeopardy! alums (Ken Jennings and Brad Rutter) faced off against IBM's supercomputer Watson in a preview round of America's most challenging trivia game, and we were there to see the thrilling man-on-machine action first-hand.

Watson, named after IBM's founder, is one epic supercomputer. To handle the formidable task that competing on Jeopardy! presents, IBM spent years constructing a computer with 2,800 Power7 cores. That power is absolutely necessary--a single-core CPU, like in many modern computers, takes about two hours to come up with an answer to a standard Jeopardy! question, rather than the three-second average Watson currently boasts.