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The Decade of 9/11: Critics of ramped-up security wonder where it will end

• Jesse McLean
Stephanie DiGiuseppe may be one of the luckier travellers to pass through airport security in recent years.

The 25-year-old Toronto woman has no horror stories involving pat-downs or the soon-to-be ubiquitous full-body scanners. In fact, she can’t even recall having the guards rummage through her luggage.

Nonetheless, DiGiuseppe has concerns over what goes on in the narrow security corridor passengers must endure before they board flights.

“There is no place on Canadian soil where individuals have less constitutional protection than at an international airport,” DiGiuseppe wrote in a legal analysis of airport security, detailing how air travellers’ Charter rights are limited in the name of safety.

A traveller cannot refuse to answer a custom officer’s questions. Security personnel don’t require any reasonable ground to root through bags.

“I think, to an extent, it has been taken at a face value (by travellers) because of the post-9/11 hype over airport security,” she said.