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Ron Paul - Perpetual War is Expensive!

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         In fairness, I have to say this almost against my will.

Ron Paul – Perpetual War is Expensive! Projecting this statement in Yutube makes Congressman Ron Paul looks like a retarded juvenile standing at the podium… as if he doesn’t know what he his talking bout. It is so cheap to attribute this statement to the Congressman in front of the video camera! Where in hell will you find a war that is not expensive? People would think the Congressman is crazy! Who publicized this…t* is against Paul’s interest.

Look at the background while he speaks – nobody is there or at least the space is almost empty. The video was made as a pre-scripted political propaganda – under big bold heading "Was is OverRon Paul 2012" – just to project his image [bad image] in public. I think Paul should change his PR guys in charge of his promotion. He is wasting his money on something worth nothing. They are just making a fool out of him in public. PR themes in his speeches meant to grab public attention recreates a clown out of him … like 911 don’t blame Al Qaeda, blame the American people … let’s get out of foreign government’s affairs, leave the Middle East alone, etc… anyone who thinks the U.S. should isolate itself from global problems that affect us at home must be indeed, crazy. His advisers who indulge in this crap have a street-gang if not gutter mentality … they think the American public is as stupid as they are.

Scan the blogs, those "promoting" Paul actually consign him to obscurity. I pick up this public disappointment at random because American reactions like this predominate the entire blogsites:

Nada Espamo: I believe many of these people posting conspiracy theories on Ron Paul threads are intentionally trying to discredit him. During the 2008 elections the media latched onto Paul as a "conspiracy nutter" meme and his opponents know it is his main vulnerability. They annoy the piss out of me, but I do like when THEY TYPE IN ALL CAPS!!!! for greater craziness … !

I may not agree with the way Paul earns his living in Congress, but I do believe this man deserves at least a fair and square treatment, especially from his handlers. Let’s stop publishing this nonsense about him. Let’s make him a man of good reason, not a man of bad rhetoric. It’s not only good for him but also good for the public.