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Va. teen detained in Kuwait is set to return to U.S.

• Washington Post
Gadeir Abbas, a staff attorney with the Council on American-Islamic Relations who is representing Mohamed, said that A 19-year-old U.S. citizen from Alexandria, was detained in Kuwait last month at the behest of the United States, according to his attorneys. They allege that Mohamed was beaten by Kuwaiti officials who questioned him about his travels in Yemen and Somalia after he left the United States in March 2009.
FBI agents also tried to question the teenager despite the fact that he told them he wanted his American lawyers present for any interrogation.

Civil liberties groups allege that Mohamed's case is part of a pattern in which American citizens are barred from flying to the United States so they can be questioned overseas by U.S. agents without counsel.


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Comment by Hugo Tellez
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 Adam Kokesh was talking about this on his show last night, he had a guest on from papers  After listening to the true story behind this kid, it changed my view and had nothing to do with Terrorism.