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New supernova may light up sky by 2012

• Terrence Aym
Astronomers are reporting that the super-massive star, Betelgeuse, located 1,300 light years from Earth in the Orion constellation, is rapidly losing mass and shrinking. When a star the size of this red super-giant begins collapsing it can only lead to one thing: a supernova. Betelgeuse is the second largest star in Orion and when it blows its intense light will be visible for weeks and could be seen across the Milky Way and eventually other nearby galaxies as well. That is, if there are others out there besides ourselves who are watching.

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Every Helium article that I have read has convinced me that the name for that site derives from the fact that its users have inhaled way to much of the stuff and bubbles of it have floated up and lodged in their brains where it pushes grey matter out of their nose. I know enough about this subject to do some research.