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Emperor Obama and his Back Door Regulations

There is a strange phenomenon occurring in Washington DC these days. I think I will call it the Napoleon Affect. Here is how it works: A bill or proposal is presented to Congress. It does NOT pass through. It is tabled for one reason or another. Harry Reid claims it is now a dead issue. “Run along, people… nothing to see here… get away from me kid, you bother me…” and so on. Then, when everyone (read: 77% of the American People – the other 23% being the vapid, effete kool aid drinkers) become complacent, dreaming once again that our Government is actually listening to us, and taking our wishes to heart – confusing reality with “representative republic” fantasies, our President; the Annointed One, our Emperor sneaks it in as regulation (rather than legislation, you see?) through the back door...

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Comment by Lucky Red
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Oh, I see.  Essentially, Obama is doing exactly the same thing Bush was doing.  Gotchya!

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