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These deadly animals will kill you in seconds

• Terrence Aym
Everyone knows that big, mean animals can kill you. Most people with common sense try to avoid creatures with big teeth and claws and eyes that view humans as a potential next meal. Lions and sharks and bears and rhinos, slithering jungle snakes, chomping alligators and crocodiles, and even jumping fanged spiders are to be avoided at all costs. Yet thousands of people lose their lives every year to harmless-looking animals that can kill or paralyze a human in a matter of moments. These are the secret killers that strike out and steal away a person's life when least expected. Many of the dead and dying are vacationers, often visiting exotic, adventurous spots featuring enticing food and drink, great weather, bright sunshine...and a handful of death lurking around the next corner.

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Comment by Lucky Red
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Hell, if these terrorist creatures are killing blond, blue-eyed Amerikans, let's declare war on them.  War on Critters, it shall be called.  And considering how well all the other wars that Amerika is involved in these days, this should be no different.  For the first time in the history of mankind, a critter will win a war against an empire.  Ha ha ha!

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